The Pagan Ritual Records Arsenal:


Brand Model Device Quantity
Allen & Heath GL2 14 Channel Mixing Console 1
DBX 266 2 Channel Compressor / Expander / Limiter / Gate 2
Furman PB-40 40 Point Patch Bay 1
Echo Mona 24 Bit Digital/Analog Converter 1
BBE Sonic Maximizer Two Channel Signal Processor 2
BBE Sonic Maximizer Mono Signal Processor 1
T.C. Electronics G Major Multi Effects Processor 1
Digitech GSP 2101 Artist Guitar Preamp and Multi Effects Processor 1
Mesa 90/90 90 Watt, Stereo Guitar Amplifier 1
Sunn Model 4 4 x 10" Speaker Column w/tweeters 2
Jackson Soloist SL2H 24 Fret, American Made Guitar 2
Charvel 3D-R 22 Fret Guitar 1
Ibanez RG5EX1 24 Fret Guitar 1
Ibanez Ergodyne Bass Guitar 1
Ibanez RD 727 Bass Guitar 1
Ibanez EW20A Steel String Acoustic Guitar 1
Michael Kelly Dragonfly 4FL Acoustic Bass 1
Takamine EC132SC Nylon String Acoustic Guitar 1
Kendal K1 Nylon String Acoustic Guitar 1
Takamine Jasmine Steel String Acoustic Guitar 1






















PEON (Official web site) (Northern California Underground Metal Scene)

(Skitzo c/o


May 24, 2002- Mind At Wrest is born. Check back at for more information on the band as it develops.

May 20, 2002-
Dynasty is preparing for some new live shows and they will be going into the television studio to film a segment for the Johnny Neurotic Show. The band is also working toward the completion of their first CD. You can listen to a few of the tracks on this site. To order the CD, e-mail the band- just $5!

January 1, 2004- Vindicate, the entire band, is missing in action. They have not been heard from and the rumors are beginning to fly. Have they all gotten sex changes and moved to Bulgaria to perform improv polka as many believe or were they abducted by aliens in a diablolical plan to harness the band's energy to create a weapon capable of destroying the universe? We may never know. If you see any of the guys from Vidicate tell them to contact Russ immediately. Thier prolonged disappearance from the mental hospital is becoming increasingly difficult to conceal and without thier medication they are mentally unstable. (Do not attempt to apprehend any of the band members yourself!)

November 8, 2003-
Charan Pagan is nominated for a music award:
Best Instrumental Band. All Access Magazineheld the first annual All Access Magazine Music Awards Show at Platinum Live in Studio City, CA. The Charan Pagan CD "Paganism" was submitted to the magazine, reviewed by a judging panel and nominated to win the award. The awards show was held on November 8th, 2003. Project Steiger was announced as the winner for that category. Project Steiger is a band fronted by Ken Steiger, practicioner of "Instru-Metal" music. Ken has been in the music biz for quite some time and he has an impressive resume including involvment in the movie Rockstar.. Click heree to download MP-3 files from his web site.