Insanity Puppets

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Goodbye Cruel World
One More Chance
World Rot




Classic punk groves and musical genius come together! Quick riffs, catchy choruses, lightning drumming and virtuoso guitar solos. This band from Santa Rosa, CA will blow you away! Guthrie Lowe (guitars), Chris Coburn (guitars), Tom Gatlin (bass), Joe Devlin (drums).



Eleven tracks of fierce riffage and outlandish arrangements. Opening track, "One More Time", features great harmonizing vocals and mind-blowing drum attacks. Track two, "Nothing" has a warp-speed breakdown that is the highlight of the track. "Golden" has hooks that will sink in to your brain and possess you. "Stumble and Fall", "To the Winner" and "Broken and Burned" have fantastically violent lyrics with an inspiring rebellious quality. "Goodbye Cruel World" is a brilliantly worded suicide note of someone who has had all he can stand of a disappointing life- perfectly set to music. It also contains the disk's most impressive guitar solo. "World Rot" looks at the dark face of the world from a melancholy perspective, using bizarre arrangements. At seven minutes, ten seconds, this song covers all of the bases from its acoustic intro to its speed metal structure and thrash interludes.